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AlFa International Businesses is a (freight) forwarding agency based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Working successfully over 14 years in the Russian and international transportation and shipping business, our company has established stable business relationships with quite a number of domestic and international cargo, transportation and aviation companies, as well as with customs state agencies and services.

We practice an individual approach for every client by being flexible and adjusting to individual needs. We fully understand that the success of our client is our success. Our slogan is "your demand is our command", and we believe that it is a reflection of our philosophy. During our years in business we formed a strong and solid team of professionals, that can effectively handle every client's need.

Having wide experience in the area and an extensive partnership network we are able to offer quite competitive terms for transportation and shipping services.

We are oriented for long-term business relationship with our client. We would be glad to understand your needs and propose to you a suitable business solution. Please contact us to learn the rates or set up a meeting.

AlFa International Business will help you make cost-effective choices about the most appropriate mode of transport for your goods. During our years in business Alfa International Business has formed strong alliances with a number of Russian and international forwarding companies, and together we offer our clients a comprehensive range of services at reasonable prices.

Some of our clients:

  • "ED&FMan Ltd." London
  • "JTI" Tobacco company
  • Brewery companies "Vena", "Baltika" "Stepan Razin"
  • Telecommunication : "FORA Communications"
  • "KATOD"
  • "MosMetroStroy"
  • Bottling companies "Coca-Cola", "Bravo International", "Pepsico General Bottlers"
  • "Chupa-Chups", "UPS", Panalpina and others.
As the transportation agent we provide the following forwarding services:
  • "Door to Door". We will move your goods from your warehouse directly to your customer warehouse using the most effective means of transportation.
  • Expedite cargo within port.
  • Trucking, shipping, air and ground services.
  • Train tariff prepayment.
  • Insurance and safeguarding the cargo from point of origin to its final destination.
  • We organize appropriate transportation for your cargo. Our services encompass all modes of transportation: on a ship, plane, train or lorry.
  • Full documentation service, including import shipping and customs clearance in ports.
  • Cargo examination on the request of customs services.
  • Loading and unloading.
  • Transportation of irregular size and hazardous cargo, as well as for importing and exporting.
  • We expedite ship's cargo.
  • We provide estimates on customs payments as well as contractual payments on importing and exporting goods from Russia.
  • We provide explanations on the services proposed, as well as we provide consulting on customs declaration and customs clearing.
  • Negotiating international contracts.
We are accepting partnership proposals. Please e-mail us for information on the services available.
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