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Motor trucking in whole Russia, former Soviet Union countries and Europe - is one of AlFa's offerings. We have extensive experience in transportation of all kinds of goods, including dangerous and irregular size goods to the difficult to access parts of Russia. We provide transportation services to oil companies. We know the roads of Siberia, Tyumen, Kranoyarsk region, Komi republic, former Yougoslavia and Kazakhstan by our own experience, not by the map. Efficient delivery to any destination is our specialty.


AlFa company does not only propose delivery options, we offer the best deals to our customers applying our principles of individual approach. Our services start from fining optimum route and calculation of costs. When face to face presence of our representative is required, our representative can arrive within couple of ours. Therefore, our customers can discuss every detail of the deal and make his choice for the option, best corresponding to his deadlines and financial abilities.

At the request of the client AlFa provides all necessary paperwork for delivery of goods whatever its final destination, as well as provides insurance against all possible risks. When there is a need we provide a forwarding agent for your goods. Experienced drivers and agents knowing all the details of international law make us able to settle any problems that may seem impossible to overcome.

Additionally, as requested AlFa provides armed guard and accompaniment for the goods for all term of transportation, including trucking abroad. Modern equipment and technologies help us to inform our customer on-line the location of their goods.

Motor tracking of irregular size goods is an appeal for action for us. For us there is no such order that we can not deliver in time in the indicated place. One of the best examples is the motor delivery of cargo for Moscow Subway and the Stepan Razin Brewery Factory. We deliver television ladders in Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports.

In case of emergencies and unforeseen situations during delivery our agents arrive before insurance agents and trouble crew. One of our side strengths is the ability to act efficiently during emergency situations.

In case you have questions you can always get in touch with the head of the transportation department or one of our agents that will handle your requests.

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